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Life in the time of Corona Virus

Hey, friends. What a year! All of our lives have been upended by this pandemic. It's important that we're diligent with social distancing, and because of that of course many of our shows have been cancelled. We're expecting that more may have to be cancelled as the season progresses. I'm keeping our show list updated with the current status of our events. In the meantime, we've been shipping some of our items. I'm going to be adding stuff to the web page (I'm kind of slow at it), and for the time being you'll have to call in your order or send me an email. Some of our things are designed to sell at shows and are just too large to ship, including the tall birdhouse stakes, the taller steel flowers and the large sign stakes. Other stuff is super easy to ship, like our signs and individual bird houses. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for lots of photos. Call me if you need help, need more photos, want to order, or just to touch base if you're quarantined and want to chat. Ha. And keep an eye on things here, as I add items to the website. Thanks a bunch and stay well.


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